Friday, October 23, 2009

Bought: BR Wool-blend sheath

What: Wool-blend textured sheath dress

Where: Banana Republic, Toronto Eaton Centre (two minutes before close!)

Price: Regularly $185 CAD before tax - $125 CAD total with 40% off coupon

I usually avoid Banana Republic because it gives me a bad case of sticker shock. Simple gray high-waisted skirt - $95. Black scarf - $45. Gold costume bangle - $50. I end up running out and right over to Forever 21 where I buy something under $10 that's hardly work appropriate.

This was a deal though, thanks to BR's 40% off on Wednesdays coupon. A friend of mine passed one my way and I made sure to use it. I got to the store 15 minutes before close, tried on every dress in the store, and went with this one.

On me, it fits quite a bit tighter. With a bright cardigan on top, opaque patterned tights, and a my sky-high loafers, I love the look. But I still wouldn't have paid full price!