Sunday, April 18, 2010

Bought: OPI Nail Polish (times 3)

What: OPI Go On Green! (Brights Collection)
OPI Curry Up Don't Be Late! (India Collection)
OPI Black Onyx (Tuxedo Collection)

Where: Beauty Supply Outlet (near North York Centre)
Price: $8.95 plus tax each

I was temporarily relocated to an office in North York, which is just, well, north of Toronto. It sucks large balls.

BUT, there is a Beauty Supply Outlet just a minute walk from the office, with a good selection of OPI colours. So a lunchtime stop over there helps the time pass. I usually can't wait to try the polishes I buy, so I end up doing mini-manicures at my desk and giving my co-workers migraines. Sorry, team three!

Anyways, these colours are AMAZING:

1. Go On Green! may not perfectly satisfy my quest for a polish that matches a Tiffany box, but pretty close. And great for spring/summer!

2. Black Onyx is a basic black. The crap Cover Girl one I've had since high school was turning into a solid.

3. Curry Up Don't Be Late! is a perfect gold. My thoughts are: