Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Bought: H&M Jacket

What: Royal blue 3/4 sleeve jacket with black trim

Where: H&M

Price: Around $40.00 CAD

H&M done changed, friends. I saw several hundred items I loved, all beautifully arranged, all reasonably priced. It came down to this jacket and the grey version with pewter zippers. The grey jacket was made of a knubbier fabric, and it seemed like there was a fine fuzz around the entire jacket when I had it on.

I'm glad that I was forced to go for the blue, because this shade looks amazing on everyone, even dead people. (kidding. relax.) I can pop it over anything, from a simple sheath dress to a tee, and I looked immediately chic. It also gives me the little push I need to get my gold jewelry into rotation a bit more often.

Love it, wore it twice the first week I bought it. It'll do until I can purchase the Chanel that inspired it.