Monday, September 14, 2009

Bought: Ben Sherman Westminster

What: Ben Sherman Westminster

Where: Body Blue Denim Lab (Danforth location)

Price: Originally $108; on sale for $28!

So obviously a deal. It's a great shirt, beautiful fit. Even if the darts do deflate my boobs a little.

I loved it, and fortunately preferred the previous year's style, which was on sale, to the regular priced 2010 style.

I think I'll be able to dress it up and down. And this does stick with my resolution to buy only clothes appropriate for the office. And it was $28. Justified.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Bought: Aldo Guarneri in Blue and Carney Food

What: Aldo Guarneri casual sneakers

Where: Aldo at the Eaton Centre

Price: $19.98 (sale!)

I couldn't find a picture of the blue shade I have so, instead, I used my expertise to "Photoshop" the image. I put that in quotes because I actually used Powerpoint to doctor the photo. That's why it looks so good:

There are some very astute shoe bloggers out there who have a real issue with sneakers (hello!) But as these are definitely not gym shoes, I think they're ok to wear out and about. I paired these with a pair of black sporty tights and a simple green cardigan and I think it went well.

Well enough to go to the Canadian National Exhibition. Sure, it's too expensive now, and the rides are exciting mostly because you could very likely die on them. But it is still worth it because of one place: The Food Building.

In this heaven-on-earth, you can find the following...

Poutine. Montreal smoked meat sandwiches. Curly fries. Wedge fries. Corn dogs. Deep-fried snickers. Waffles. Elephant ears. Funnel cakes. Hot dogs. 99 cent spaghetti. Bacon on a bun. Snow cones. And every food chain you can think of (Subway, Manchu Wok, Thai Express, Pizza Pizza, etc.)

I showed some restraint. First, I got curly fries and scarfed them so quick there was no time for a pic.

Next, a $1.50 hot dog covered in mustard. Ohhh it was good.

Then, a pack of cinnamon sugar Tiny Tom Donuts. Here is the Tiny Tom donut process, a wonder of scientific management:

Can you believe the guy tried to sell us (3 people) on the "Buy 10 dozen, get 2 dozen free." My 100-lb sister was considering it until we pointed out that we would be the proud owners of 144 donuts. I kinda regret talking her out of it.

I also wanted to ride the Polar Express, but it was closed so we tried Alpine Bob instead. As we got off, we saw that the carnie who had "closed" Polar Express decided to open it right after we asked. What a jerk. I can't get too mad, though, because he was missing all four of his front teeth.
I loved it. And I broke in my new shoes (well, they broke me. I got a blister.)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Made: Cinnamon Buns

I like to bake. It appeals to my analytical, assembly-line side: I love having everything lined up in little glass dishes on the counter, precisely measured. And yeah, I do pretend I'm on the Food Network, what's it to you?

I don't have much of a knack for cooking. I'm OK but rarely trust my instincts as to how much paprika is enough, and whether the ribs are done. So I stick to baking.

The recipe is from Smitten Kitchen. This woman is amazing and I am currently trying to get her to adopt me. The recipe can be found here.

These are not yet baked - but they looked so cute, like they were cuddling, I had to share:

Some tips:
  • Do let the dough/buns rise as she suggests. They end up bigger, fluffier, and its fun to uncover the dough and be like "HOLY SHIT IT'S HUGE!"
  • Do make extra icing and eat it directly out of the mixing bowl.
  • Do clean the pans quickly after, or else the sugar fuses to the dish will end up hiding it like I did. Let's hope no one looks in the garage.