Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Bought: Forever21 Spaniel Socks

What: Cocker Spaniel-patterned ankle socks

Where: Forever 21

Price: Under $5, possibly under $3

K, it isn't exactly a big deal to buy socks, but I really hate socks. I hate them so. Socks are on my shit list because:

1. They restrict my toes.
2. They only fit properly for 2-3 seconds after you put them on for the first time.
3. They are the most annoying item of clothing to launder. Especially when men ball them up and throw them in the hamper. Do you think I want to pull apart your dirty socks? Yeah, no. That is why I wash them in a ball, and will never be a good wife.
4. People wear huge, baggy sweat socks that make me gag.

So why did I buy these?

First of all, they are ankle socks, so they are only 1/2 the hate of normal socks.

But more importantly, they solved the formula that stumped me, because I'm poo at algebra (and calculus, and the multiplication tables.)

Sorry I didn't show my work...

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Bought: Hollister Jeans

What: Hollister Laguna Skinny Jeans in "Rinse"

Where: Hollister at le Eaton Center

Price: $20.

Yes ,ok, I entered Hollister. I go through jeans very quickly because I lose my patience with them and throw them in the back of my closet ok? I needed new ones. Shut up.

It was dark in there, until you went to the changeroom, where you had a spotlight right on you making you sweat as you put on the 14 pairs of jeans you grabbed (14 because you couldn't see the sizes you were picking, so just grabbed half the rack.)

They were $20, and they are the skinny not the super skinny, and the rinse is called Rinse. That was almost the last straw for me. The rinse is called Rinse. That's just as smart as saying the colour is Colour, or the cut is Cut.

They won't last, but they'll work for now. For $20, they will surpass my expectations if they don't disentegrate on my third wear (which will likely be tomorrow, so keep your fingers crossed for me.)

Anyways I think they are still on sale online, which takes all the dark, confusion, migraines and annoying 14-year-olds out of the experience.


Sunday, September 5, 2010

Bought: Marc Jacobs Rio

What: Marc Jacobs Rio (Bowler or Leather Satchel), Fall Winter 10 Collection

Where: His shop on Mercer Street in New York

Price: Enough to make me paranoid about liquids and rough surfaces

Know how to not feel remorse after a large purchase? First, be irresponsible. But then, do your research as follows:

1. Get caught many times at work looking at purseblog and netaporter and polyvore, as opposed to looking at income tax laws. But really, who would blame me? And I'm still employed so w/e.

2. On a trip to New York, when you realize that 40% of your travel companions (with whom you are sharing a small apartment) are big poops, pretend to be sick and then sneak out later and spend the entire day visiting every place that sells bags. Make sure that your intended purchase is not going to end up chilling in the discount bin in a few months. Compare the prices, see if you could fit your laptop in the bag (in a pinch only!), get turned off by the cruddy service at Bloomingdale's.

3. Get your short-list together. I was down to:

OMG those look cute in miniature.

Then I realized that this was my first bag purchase that was a lot of money (for me), and I decided to go with the most understated of the three. Understated for me involved golden hardware, a keylock, pyramid studs all over the place and a bowler shape.

So I went with the Rio, and I am very happy, and it was fun to visit the line's actual store, and I pet it and lovingly put it in it's dustbag when it goes to bed each night. Just kidding, but I do pet it.

I'm trying to cut back on quantity of shopping and instead do a bit more quality. So I've got my mind on a Balenciaga next or possibly the large PS1 (which they carry at the Bay, shocking.) But I'm waiting at least a year! Or at least six months. Or at least three.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Bought: OPI Nail Polish (times 3)

What: OPI Go On Green! (Brights Collection)
OPI Curry Up Don't Be Late! (India Collection)
OPI Black Onyx (Tuxedo Collection)

Where: Beauty Supply Outlet (near North York Centre)
Price: $8.95 plus tax each

I was temporarily relocated to an office in North York, which is just, well, north of Toronto. It sucks large balls.

BUT, there is a Beauty Supply Outlet just a minute walk from the office, with a good selection of OPI colours. So a lunchtime stop over there helps the time pass. I usually can't wait to try the polishes I buy, so I end up doing mini-manicures at my desk and giving my co-workers migraines. Sorry, team three!

Anyways, these colours are AMAZING:

1. Go On Green! may not perfectly satisfy my quest for a polish that matches a Tiffany box, but pretty close. And great for spring/summer!

2. Black Onyx is a basic black. The crap Cover Girl one I've had since high school was turning into a solid.

3. Curry Up Don't Be Late! is a perfect gold. My thoughts are:

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Bought: H&M Jacket

What: Royal blue 3/4 sleeve jacket with black trim

Where: H&M

Price: Around $40.00 CAD

H&M done changed, friends. I saw several hundred items I loved, all beautifully arranged, all reasonably priced. It came down to this jacket and the grey version with pewter zippers. The grey jacket was made of a knubbier fabric, and it seemed like there was a fine fuzz around the entire jacket when I had it on.

I'm glad that I was forced to go for the blue, because this shade looks amazing on everyone, even dead people. (kidding. relax.) I can pop it over anything, from a simple sheath dress to a tee, and I looked immediately chic. It also gives me the little push I need to get my gold jewelry into rotation a bit more often.

Love it, wore it twice the first week I bought it. It'll do until I can purchase the Chanel that inspired it.