Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Bought: The Costa Blanca Accessories Wall

What: Multi-chain necklace, bead necklaces, pearl and ribbon necklace and pearl and bead bracelet

Where: Costa Blanca (Toronto Eaton Centre)

Price: 50% percent off so, they were free (ok, about $20 for the lot)

Costa Blanca having a 50% off sale is a bit surreal. Nothing you pick up - NOTHING - will be more than $25, and most items will be under $10. Now, I'm not big on the clothes at Costa Blanca, because they will disintegrate unless kept in a vaccuum-sealed environment. But the accessories are cute and trendy, so I stocked up.

The pearl and ribbon necklace broke within 5 minutes of tying it on, and there was also some gnarly glue on the ribbon. I managed to fix it up pretty well, and have worn it twice. Be forewarned that whenever you walk, the necklace will bash against your boobs and swing side to side, which must look weird to whoever you're walking towards.
The one on the bottom right had these atrocious dangling heart charms. I took a pair of needle-nosed plier and pulled open the links attaching those charms, so its a bit more tasteful now. Needle-nosed pliers are as much a necessity in your wardrobe as wooden hangers or heel pads. I use my pair all the time to help pull free zippers or make small jewlery adjustments.

I did buy a shirt as well - it came out to $12:

It was sweet and simple, without any of the shoulder-cutouts, sequined trim or bra-appliques that Costa Blanca is prone to. It's completely sheer, but you didn't expect Costa Blanca to totally sell out, did you?

And just in case you were wondering: the store was bloody insane. Merchandise everywhere, sweaty people straining to button on crappy wool coats, girls trying on skirts over their jeans. And into this mosh pit sails a mother with a double stroller/battering ram.

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  1. Those are really cute! Yay for 50% off sales.

    Oh, and I know what you mean about necklaces that bounce around when you walk. Annoying!