Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Bought: Forever21 Spaniel Socks

What: Cocker Spaniel-patterned ankle socks

Where: Forever 21

Price: Under $5, possibly under $3

K, it isn't exactly a big deal to buy socks, but I really hate socks. I hate them so. Socks are on my shit list because:

1. They restrict my toes.
2. They only fit properly for 2-3 seconds after you put them on for the first time.
3. They are the most annoying item of clothing to launder. Especially when men ball them up and throw them in the hamper. Do you think I want to pull apart your dirty socks? Yeah, no. That is why I wash them in a ball, and will never be a good wife.
4. People wear huge, baggy sweat socks that make me gag.

So why did I buy these?

First of all, they are ankle socks, so they are only 1/2 the hate of normal socks.

But more importantly, they solved the formula that stumped me, because I'm poo at algebra (and calculus, and the multiplication tables.)

Sorry I didn't show my work...

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