Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Bought: Flats, without looking four

What: BDG Skimmer Flats

Where: Urban Outfitters

Price: 10 dolla (sale!)

Here is a new discovery, for me.

Rounded toe flats = I look four. I feel like I'm toddling around, do de do de doooo. But - COMFIEZ.

Slightly pointed toe flats (see figure 1) = I look older (maybe 14.) And I'm walking, not toddling. And still, comfiez are to be had.

And for $10, you know I'm happy. My only slight issues are:

1. You have to shovel through Urban Outfitters merchandise to get what you want. Even if they're full price (and therefore not in the back bottom corner of some sales bin in that nasty, hot sales area), they're in a crate, on the floor. Have fun.

2. What does "skimmer" mean? If it means that they are cut very low on your foot, which they are, then skimmer also means "shoe likely to be inadvertently kicked off your foot, and will then slide across the concourse of your office building causing you to hop over to it."

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