Monday, January 17, 2011

Bought: Shoes I Can't Wear

What: Aldo Allday shearling lace-up booties + Aldo Norkus open-toe lace-up booties

Where: Aldo

Price: Out the door with both for less that $160
For boots called Allday, you really should be able to wear them longer than 3 hours. The 3 hours I wore them involved 7 inches of snow, and snow + stilletto + beige suede does not equal a practical fashion choice. My parents picked me up, and when my dad saw me stumbling through the snow, he called me a schiminita, which is a word used by my Italian side of the family (likely made up) to describe a vain princess-type. And I deserved it.

Now, if I were to wear these on say, a fall day, with crisp leaves underfoot and a slight breeze, they would be perfect. They are surprisingly comfortable if you are on dry, level land.

BUT, would you believe that the second pair I bought were even LESS pratical? Less practical than beige suede stiletto winter boots, yes.

I love them, but they are open toe, and they take twenty minutes to put on and take off, and they will make my feet hot in summer and cold in winter. I was 100% inspired by Maegan of, who wears these adorable Sam Edelman open toe booties. She lives in California. I live in Canada.

But I did get these purchases vetted before I walked out the door. I BBMed a stylish friend the following:


Tell me I should buy two pairs of shoes.

Styling Friend:

You should buy two pairs of shoes.

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