Sunday, January 5, 2014

Oh, the humanity (mine, specifically)

My plan for 2014. Meet - monkey wrench.

I returned home from an amazing holiday at home, followed by a few days skiing in Quebec. And the very morning of my arrival, I switched on my bathroom flight and saw...

(honestly, this deserves the suspense)

A cockroach running across the floor of my bathroom.

I know you just vomited. I am very sorry. But it may make you feel better to hear that I had lightning-quick reflexes and squashed that mofo.

He was small but, that doesn't matter at all. Also, I also refer to bugs as male.

So the Apartment Therapy's chore list for this weekend has had to take a backseat. Flowers are extremely low on my priority list. I had to have an ATTACK PLAN. I honestly feel like I am at war. Alone, because the boy doesn't return until next Saturday.

This is my approach to getting rid of the bugs. Thanks to here.

Anyways - my response was formulated based on common sense, irrational fear and Jolie Kerr's suggestions.

1. Called the exterminator for my building, and had the regular "preventative" service the every next day. I promised the exterminator I would be calling back for the whole nine yards, once I have approval from my management company. Basically, raising a big-ass stink.

2. Raid the Chelsea Home Depot - roach bait traps have been laid. I've scrubbed the shit out of everything in my apartment. Tried, with limited success, to fill a few holes I think they may be coming through. And sprinkled diatomaceous earth everywhere, so now this place looks like a cocaine lair.

3. Generally freak the eff out when I see a bug. 

My friends have said this is totally normal. It's New York. First floor apartment in a old building, what can you do? "At least you don't have mice!" 

This is not an acceptable approach for me. I am going to continue throwing shit fits and continue to harass my management company for full exterminator services. 

So this is sort of my own first step to the January Cure. Let's call it the low-rent version. 

Stay tuned!

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  1. What you did was right. You can't take any second chances with pests, especially those who are know to bring diseases. Killing them may not be enough, if the problem is already widespread. It seems you have found most of the roach's friends, but you got to be safe. Was your request for an exterminator granted? I hope your place is pest-free by now. Take care!

    Mindy Dawson @ Cooper Pest Solutions