Sunday, January 5, 2014

2014: The Year of Less Change (please!)

2013 brought the change. Brought it hard.

Moved to New York City on January 2...
Started a new job on January 21...
Realized that the guy I met in Toronto a week before I left meant something to me, and started dating on March 24 after several visits...
My nephew arrived on September 14...
Moved into a new apartment with my boyfriend - thus, my first time living with a boy (ew!) - on December 8...

So I rang in 2014 under the stars, in -23 celsius, in a much happier and more settled spot than 2013. But, there are still plenty of unknowns. Will I stay in this job throughout 2014? Will my boyfriend be staying in New York once he graduates? 

I am giving myself a break from worrying about these things. Last year was enough. I think I deserve to enjoy my life here without wondering about how it will change. 2014 could very well be our only full year in New York City!

Anyways, this denotes a new direction for my blog. I want to document how I make our life here happy and comfortable. Most of this will be related to our cruddy little rental apartment, and the (hopeful) change from an old, slightly dirty, dark Upper West Side pre-war, to a light, happy place that we love and look forward to coming back to every night.

But I can honestly say that being here with him has already made it feel like the right place. 

The plan?

1. Follow Apartment Therapy's January Cure. Post on a semi-regular basis as I progress through the January Cure's tasks.

2. Follow Jolie Kerr's Year of the Clean Person, where relevant. I'm ready, #YoCP. That was my first time using a hashtag.

3. Stick to it! Where I organize, clean, etc...keep it clean. The boy may throw a wrench in the works here, but I will try some subtle techniques to get him on board. So far, throwing his dirty socks at him hasn't worked. 

Stay tuned!


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