Sunday, January 5, 2014

YoCP and January Cure Update


January: Make Your List
Heading into any big project without a plan is a recipe for failure, and creating order out of chaos is certainly a big project! So the task for January is to create a roadmap of your YoCP goals.
By fulfilling the January Cure tasks below, I'll meet the YoCP task for the month as well. Awesome.

January Cure:

Day 1: Wednesday, January 2
Assignment: Make a list of projects

Here we go!

Day 2: Thursday, January 3
Assignment: Set Up an Outbox and Place One Item in It

Draft outbox is ready to go...I phoned this one in, I'll admit it. 

Also, I want to put this in the outbox. The boy brought it home. Can you put something in the outbox if you don't know what it is? 

Day 3: Friday, January 4...and the Weekend of January 5 & 6 
Assignment: Buy Flowers, Vacuum, Mop, Gather Earth Friendly Cleaners & Use Your Outbox

Flowers just weren't happening (see: my last post.) But I have some pretty fake ones on my windowsill!

Vacuum and mop? Again, see my last post. With bug repellent sprinkled everywhere, this is just going to have to wait.

Earth friendly cleaners just don't have my vote when dealing with the occasional bug and an apartment with years of accumulated dirty. But I've got plenty of cleaners on hand, and some natural products. Good to go. 

The outbox was used, but happily there were very few items in it. Most of what I had found a home, but the upcoming pantry clean up project will result in a lot more items in the outbox. 

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