Friday, August 21, 2009

Bought: Aldo Fessenden Sandals

What: Aldo "Fessenden" Sandals

Where: Uh, Aldo

Price: $45.00. But $29.98 online. HELLO?

Well, I need them for tonight. The shoes I was convinced I could walk in all night turned out to not be shoes. No, they turned out to be my mortal enemies. So I had to grab these ASAP or my night would be crap.

They are cute. I'm mad I paid way more than the Aldo website offers, but whatever, it's only $15. And I think that if I manage to be creative (ie. recreate how the salesgirl in Aldo tied her sandals), I can get two or three different looks out of these.

UPDATE: Never mind, not even available on the Canadian site. And can't be shipped from the U.S. site. Hello, justification.

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