Monday, August 17, 2009

Bought: Soïa and Kyo Chaïma Trench

What: Soïa and Kyo Chaïma Trench, in black

Price: $149.00 CAD

Where: Holly's, Toronto Dominion Centre

So yeah, I do a lot of shopping on my lunch. I have a great beige trench from Banana Republic (needs a bit of altering in the arms and hem though, if that's even doable on a trench.) However, Soïa and Kyo coats are pricey, and with this one regularly $280.00, I couldn't avoid the deal. I've lusted after their coats and will hopefully find a fitting one for the winter as well.

It's gorgeous. The back view shows the details I love: the bell sleeve, big flat buttons, and lacquered belt. The inside is lined in a creamy satin with a birds-and-trees print. The whole collection has a whimsical appeal to it.

I made quite a fool of myself over this coat, though. I saw the labels through the window and stepped in, shocked that the coats were on sale. Then, I thought of my perfectly serviceable and brand-new trench hanging in my closet. My sister needed a new trench, so I tried it on to check the size. It fit good - reallll good. But I called my sister and told her to come pick one up for herself.

5:30 that night, I run out of my office and into the store, clutch the only remaining small to my heart, and buy it. The saleslady was having a field day with it. Then I called my sister and undid any good karma by telling her to keep her paws off that trench.

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