Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Bought: Napoleon

What: Print, Bonaparte at the Grand Saint-Bernard, Jacques Louis-David

Where: RMN shop at the Louvre

Price: €15.oo! Score!

A close friend calls me Napoleon. Now, I am short, but that isn't the true reason. I merited this nickname through the frightening (at least, I think so) bouts of rage that take me over a few times a week.

Ie: I returned home late last Sunday night to find my street (a small court) packed with cars. PACKED. Two neighbouring houses were apparently setting the roof on fire, simultaneously.

I don't hate a party, but I do hate when a party-goer parks her Subaru in my driveway, leaving me no place to park. And hey, bitch, I had an episode of Lost in Austen to catch.

So instead of knocking on my neighbours' door and finding the Subaru owner, I take the direct approach. All 5'3" of me stands in the middle of my court and screams:

"Who the f*** parked their car in my driveway?"

And about a minute later, the Subaru was gone.
So this is related to something I bought, btw. Last Easter I was in Paris and picked up an inspiring print at the Louvre. I recently got a frame at Ikea and now it hangs out on my wall. We megalomaniacs gotta stick together.

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