Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Made: Amy Butler "Birdie Sling"

I am a beginner sewer. While it's definitely a hobby, I like to make things I'll actually use, not just cushions and tea covers and little bandanas for my dog. He doesn't even appreciate them, anyways: apparently Maltese have more personal style than I expected.

My very first project was a pattern by Amy Butler. Her house must be incredible. It's a tote-like bag called the Birdie Sling. Here was my first attempt, made with some gorgeous Amy Butler print and a strong black organic cotton:

I lugged it all around school, packed with a laptop, lunch, thick textbooks, my Income Tax Act...this bag was my life. Until the dry-clean only white strap started to get yellow and nasty.

So, I decided to make it again. This time, I cheaped out and went to Ikea and bought a cute little print. I also used an old pillowcase to line. I skipped all the random "interfacing" as well, except on the strap, and I used scraps. So this is the ghetto version, and I actually like it more:

The first one cost about $40, the second about $12. Not including my time to make the bags. To include that, add about 50 cents.

Overall, great for a beginner, fun, very useable, super sturdy, and pretty styling in my opinion. I also reviewed it here.

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