Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Bought: Crest Vivid White Night Toothpaste

What: Crest Vivid White Night Striped Toothpaste, Revitalizing Mint

Price: $3.99 (sale!), regular $5.49

Where: Shoppers Drug Mart

I have a bad habit of swishing my coffee, which leaves my teeth looking gross. I also decided to be European and smoke while I was living there last year, and that did enough damage to still be visible a year later. My boyfriend also mentioned a few weeks ago that he was going to get some teeth whitening done and told me "maybe you should, too." Ouch.

Instead of forking over ~$50 for Whitestrips and the like, I decided to use Crest's Vivid White Night toothpaste. It was on sale, and apparently the increased sensitivity caused by the toothpaste is much less than Whitestrips would cause. Also, I be cheap.

I'll update after two weeks, when I should be seeing some results. Other reviews were all glowing, except this guy:
"Don't be fooled into thinking that this toothpaste works-
it doesn't do anything but make your breath rancid."
I've been looking for a way to ensure rancid breath all through my day.

Update, 2 weeks later:

Crest Vivid White Night Striped Toothpaste: I'm pretty impressed! 8.5/10. My teeth are noticeably whiter, it tastes nice and refreshing. I would say this is worth it even if it isn't on sale.

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