Friday, August 28, 2009

Bought, Braved: Brazilian Wax

What: Brazilian Wax

Price: About $60 total, with a nice tip

I've actually had three Brazilians, and from now on will be going about once a month. I like it! I feel a lot fresher and sexier.

It does hurt, but suprisingly the most painful part is the bikini line and the upper area. The - um - more intimate parts hurt quite a bit less. This may be due to the fact that 10spot uses regular wax (with cloth strips) on the bikini line, while they use hard wax on the other areas.

It's best to go to a place that has good reviews and can make you comfortable. 10spot plays episodes of Will and Grace or Arrested Development in the waxing rooms, and the aestheticians are all very sweet and professional. I wouldn't recommend you go to a salon where you can't speak the same language as the person pulling off the wax strips. This isn't like a manicure - you need to be comfortable and not tense, or else the whole process will be more painful.

The positioning is a bit weird. You'll be spread-eagle, one leg up, on your knees, on your side, etc. But it's necessary and yields the best results.

And I do it without drinking half a bottle of Riesling or taking a few Advil, so really, it isn't so bad.

The results are amazing. And if you've never done it before, the man in your life will completely lose his shit when he sees it.

While it does start to grow back about 10 days later, it will grow in less thick and eventually, your waxes will only take a few minutes.

Tip: When the aesthetician hands you a mirror and asks you to check if you're happy with it, don't be shy. Stand up and check it out - ALL of it.

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  1. i would also like to share my first experience in brazilian bikini waxing.. it didn't hurt as much as I expected. A good aesthetician is a huge factor in a successful brazilian :)