Friday, August 28, 2009

Bought: La Senza Panties

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La Senza panties; Satin Brazilian, Microfiber and Lace Thong, Lace Thong

Where: La Senza

3 panties for $30

La Senza seems to be pretty much everywhere except the U.S. I guess Mme. Victoria has got the market cornered there, but if you haven't been to a La Senza or at least their website, you're missing out.

They have cute, well-made, affordable bras and panties, and regularly have good sales. They're also very innovative, constantly coming up with new fabrics and construction methods that promise to push even my modest A cups right up to my chin. I'm not crazy about their lingerie (too much animal print and ruffling for me), but I always enjoy visiting the store.

So, as the boyfriend was returning from a summer away, I decided to buy a few pairs of sexy panties. The 3 for $30 sale meant these panties were still on La Senza's high end. I bought each in a peachy/beige shade.

I bought them expecting to only wear them for a few minutes at most (ooh la la!), but I've found that each pair is really comfortable. I usually HATE thongs, g-strings, tangas, etc. but I've worn each of these at least once this week.

Is it the microfiber fabric? Is it a sexual awakening? (nope.) Whatever it is, good on you, La Senza.

If you're looking for simply cut panties and don't mind some loud prints, try out La Senza Girl. Wade through the Hannah Montana merchandise, and the panties are usually on sale for $2 a piece.

And a few updates:

Garnier Synergie Pure SOS Anti-Blemish Pen:
Worked OK. I would give it a 7/10 for effectiveness. It is better than doing nothing, and has kept my problem areas clear. But the stickiness...that really got to me. My hair stuck to my face, my pillow stuck to my face. Annoying.

Crest Vivid White Night Striped Toothpaste:
I'm pretty impressed! 8.5/10. My teeth are noticeably whiter, it tastes nice and refreshing. I would say this is worth it even if it isn't on sale.

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