Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Said: "What did you do to your hairs?"

No, this isn't about a Brazilian gone wrong or anything.

My sister is engaged to a jolly French Canadian, a Quebecois, Pierre-Luc (love the French tendency for double names. And hyphens.)

He is quite anglicized (yes, it's a REAL WORD) but occasionally something slips out or he does something that causes a double-take.

1. Last weekend, he went out to pick up McDonald's. Happy Meal for me, quarter pounder for my sister. Large fries for him, which he proceeded to cover with poutine curds fresh from Quebec City, ketchup, and salt. Now, I think poutine looks like this:

Nice, rich brown gravy. Pierre's poutine was just fries with cheese and ketchup. Sans poutine gravy, which causes the cheese to melt slightly and really makes the whole dish. So, Pierre's, version, eww.

2. Anytime any of us get our hair cut or coloured, Pierre will kindly remark: "I like your hairs!" Yes, each and every one of our 100,000 hairs, he likes.

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